Sunday, 18 January 2015

Teresa Murak: Easter Carpet, 1974

As the exhibition Rainbow in the Dark is over (but fear not!, the second chapter of the project is coming this year), we'd like to share one of its greats. The performance Easter Carpet was staged in 1974 in the village of Kiełczewice, by our favourite (though little known internationally) Polish land artist, Teresa Murak.
Murak was one of the first Polish artists to work with performance, land art, and interventions in public space. She participated in the “church exhibition movement” in the 80s during the Martial Law, realizing performances such as mud splashes in church naves and co-organizing processions and public prayers, where her organic sculptures played an important part of the liturgy. Regardless of whether Murak follows the destruction of a subtle textile, observes a stubborn growth of plants or dilutes bread leaven in the mud – this artist touches upon the essence of giving and empathy. The tradition of land art takes the form of a religious ritual in which life and death are interspersed in an inextricable grip.