Tuesday, 10 February 2015

the o.h. doll

And the story continues... This is a doll impersonating Oskar Hansen. The doll lives in Szumin in a lovely but abandoned summerhouse. When it prays it says: 

I believe in form that no-one restricts. 
I believe in a just division of competence. 
I believe in freedom given to the end user. 

Let the world be our map, let it be filled with love. 
Evil is revealed through ambition. 
Pettiness is the devil incarnate that weakens our will. 

Let critics perish forever and ever.
Let us pray that the art be the stage and backdrop for real life. 
Let the good not fill the form but transcend it. 
Let the artist not be a false god. 
Let the body of work be our body.

Let us pray that we not judge our fellow man in haste, that we not flatter ourselves, nor close off the paths of development that shall lead us to a new, better world.
The form from the premise, the premise of good will, and in good will the spirit of the future shall manifest itself. 

Truth in the material that shall be intangible and invisible. 
Truth in the form that no-one and nothing shall constrain. 
Truth in the function that we shall discover all together, following the light of love. 

(The doll was photographed by Janek Smaga/ The text is a fragment from "We are all in this alone", accompanying Hristina Ivanoska and Yane Calovski's exhibition at the Pavilion of Republic of Macedonia, 56th Venice Biennale)