Thursday, 12 March 2015

mirage: the bird's eye view museum

The town of Wakarusa is reproduced in miniature - which started as a kind of weekend project by DeVon Rose in 1967. The model, which consists of over 165 buidings was constructed over a period of 35 years. You can read about this quaint and rather ghastly thing in the book Oddball Indiana by Jerome Pohlen: "If you grew up in Wakarusa or Benneville Grist Mills, DeVon Rose's matchstick creations will remind of the good ol' days. If you never been to either of these towns, you can experience them through his miniature dioramas. Look! There's the Wayne Feed Mill, and the Eby Ford dealership! And the Bag Factory! Oh, what a fascinating place Wakarus can be, even when shrunk down to a 1/60 scale."