Saturday, 21 March 2015

undermining. a wild ride through land use, politics, and art in the changing west

To conclude the last summer American trip motif, we might recall one of our favorite readings during that time - Undermining by Lucy Lippard, the book which was our dear textual companion and quite often an analogue GPS, navigating us towards some great spots and stories. The keywords: fracking, mining, land art, adobe buildings, ruins, land rights, the Old West, tourism, photography, and water. Which is precisely what the whole escapade was about. All in all, the magnetic force of the book were so strong that we found ourselves in Lucy Lippard's town, in Galisteo in New Mexico... She is not the only notable person living in this tiny town, the list of art-related crowd includes such luminaries as Bruce Nauman, Agnes Martins and, until 2014, the late Nancy Holt.