Thursday, 15 October 2015

amulet survival kit for placebo life disorders

One of the works shown in the Rainbow in the Dark. On the Joy and Torment of Faith at Malmö Art Museum - an object from Michael Kessus Gedalyovich' ongoing series Amulet Survival Kit for Placebo Life Disorders, 2014-2015. 
In 2014, Gedalyovich embarked on a journey in order to meet healers, muslim mystics, practical kabbalists, shamans, and amulet-makers who might have knowledge unknown or unrecognized outside their communities. He hopes to thereby find ways to recapture the mysterious and magical power of art – a capacity that was put aside during modern times. During and after his journey he creates magical talismans from his own prescription medical pills and objects that collected along the way. 
The exhibition preview opens tonight, at 7 pm.