Saturday, 17 October 2015

armageddon – the end, a topographical survey

One more work from the Rainbow in the Dark. On the Joy and Torment of Faith exhibition: the series Armageddon – The End, A Topographical Survey, 2013 by Carl Johan Erikson. For two decades Erikson has worked on the conceptual documentation of practices and artefacts in the Pentecostal Church’s contexts and environments. The project’s physical point of departure is the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel and Palestine, which is believed by some to be Armageddon, where the Antichrist will gather his troops for the final battle between good and evil. The valley is strategically important to the region and more than thirty bloody historical battles have been fought there over the course of four thousand years. Erikson grew up as a member of the Pentecostal Church, and the great fear of not being ready when Jesus returns to Earth, and being left behind, continues to influence the artist even to the present day. Erikson spent three weeks in Armageddon on a number of occasions in recent years.